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BYO2 (training orchestra) applicants are offered a trial position in rehearsals for up to one month.

After the trial period, applicants may be offered a position in BYO2 if they meet the required standard.  

BYO2 members are expected to play at  minimum AMEB Gr 2 standard as a guide, with sight reading ability necessary for participation. 


BYO2 Eisteddfod 2022.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 4.11.17 pm.png

BYO1 applicants are offered positions in this orchestra following an application and audition process. Auditions for new members and those applying for a position as section leader are arranged upon receipt of application. Auditions will be held in the first term of each year. Applications received after the scheduled annual auditions time may be offered a trial position in BYO1 at the discretion of the conductor until an audition can be arranged. 

BYO1 applicants who are unsuccessful in being placed in BYO1 after the audition process may be offered a position in BYO2. 


BYO1 members are expected to play at approximately AMEB Gr 5 standard and above. Sample audition music excerpts and scale requirements can be found on our audition page.


Applicants must be under 23 years of age.









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