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About BYO Membership

Bundaberg Youth Orchestra is open to young musicians of suitable playing standard in the Bundaberg Regional Council area and surrounding districts aged under 23 years.

Membership is determined by an application and audition process.

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BYO1, our senior orchestra, is selected by audition only. Auditions are usually scheduled early in the year after applications are received. Members from previous years need to re-apply for membership but may not need to audition unless they are applying for a position as Section Leader, and have not previously held this position.

If applicants who audition for BYO1 do not meet the standard for BYO1 they may be offered a position in BYO2.  

BYO2, our training orchestra has a four rehearsal (one month) trial period and membership is offered if applicants meet the playing standard and are complying to the Code of Conduct for the orchestra  after the trial period.  An offer of membership  is determined by the Conductor of BYO2 in consultation with the BYO Committee. 


Application forms can be downloaded from our website and emailed to

Parents or guardians must provide us with contact details prior to applicants being allowed to participate in rehearsals.

Applicants over 18 must also provide us with emergency contact details during rehearsals and other events. 

BYO1 members are expected to play at approximately AMEB Gr 5 standard and above, and are offered a position after audition.

BYO2 members are expected to play at  minimum AMEB Gr 2 standard as a guideline, with sight reading ability necessary. 

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